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At Oxbow, they believe that quality of life begins with quality care. Since the beginning, they've promised to invest in small animal health and well-being through a series of principles and initiatives that transcend nutrition.  Oxbow is guided by four fundamental principles: quality, innovation, education, and appreciation.  



These diets are packed full of Omega Fatty Acids for healthier coats  and antioxidants to boost the immune system. It's thanks to these high-quality, advanced formulations.  The Sunseed brand quickly became a highly trusted name among pet owners, and remains so today.



Mazuri® is a world leader in quality exotic animal nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal. Their name means "good" in Swahili, and they live up to that promise of goodness by testing, formulating and producing. They support ongoing research and conservation through grants and sponsorships with other animal experts. Since 1989, professionals, veterinarians, breeders and exotic pet owners have trusted Mazuri exotic animal diets.


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