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For those messes you are already expecting like potty-training a new puppy or the hairballs that come along with shedding season. We have many products in store, you’ll want to keep close by for quick and easy clean ups. 

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Scoop the Poop

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies dog waste as an environmental pollutant. The ecosystem isn’t built to handle dog waste. The best way to be a responsible dog owner is to pick up waste and throw it into the trash. 

We have a wide selection of re-usable pooper scoopers (for big backyard messes) as well as scented and unscented poop bag options!

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An odor-free home starts here. We have litters with baking soda to neutralize  odors with powerful odor. Looking for fragrance-free? Try something  unscented! Whether you're a one-cat or multi-cat home, we have the best kitty litter to give all your cats the freshness they deserve.

Come into store to see our available stock!

Caressing a Cat


Pet The Bunny
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