Cattle Feed

Calf Milk Replacer

Colostrum - This ‘first milk’ contains contains vital components like immunoglobulins, proteins, growth & immune factors, lactoferrin, cytokines, and a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients for calves. 

  • 350g First Start Colostrum Supplement



Brown's Calf Grower is excellent for calves of all ages.

  • 4kg BRWN Calf Milk Replacer

  • 10Kg BRWN Calf Milk Replacer

  • 20kg BRWN Calf Milk Replacer













  • 18% Calf Starter Text Medicated 20kg

  • 15% Dairy/Beef Text 20kg





















  • CFS Summer Range Beef Mineral

  • PC 1 Stop Winter Mineral 25kg 

  • PC 1 Stop  Summer Mineral 

Special Orders

  • Calf Manna 22.7kg

  • Heifer/Bull Ration 25kg 

Multipurpose Feeds

  • Alfalfa Cubes 20kg - Legal Alfalfa

  • Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes 20kg - Legal Alfalfa

  • Flatted Oats 20kg 

  • Whole Oats 20kg

  • COB Corn/Oats/Barley w/ Molasses 20kg 

  • 50/50 Oats/Barley 20kg 

  • Flatted/Rolled Barley 20kg 

  • Cracked Wheat 20kg 

  • Whole Wheat 20kg 

  • Alfalfa Pellets 20kg 

  • Beet Pulp Pellets 20kg

  • Cracked Corn 20kg 

  • Mixed Pellets (Oats / Wheat / Barley) 20kg

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