Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday   9:00am - 5:00pm & Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm

All pets boarding in our facility require proof of current vaccinations by a veterinarian to ensure the safety of all pets. Please allow 1 hour before close time on the first day of boarding . This allows time for all paperwork to be filled out and for your pet to get settled in before bedding down for the night.

Please feel free to come in with any questions you may have and also to view the facilities prior to booking your loved one in!

Placing your pet in a boarding facility can be a stressful time for both you and your pet, so we recommend that you bring your animals usual food so as to not upset their stomachs from a diet change. Also please feel free to bring toys, treats, chew toys and any blankets or beds that your dog or cat usually sleep on to help make it feel more like home.


Amenities & Services 

Our Boarding facility includes:

- Indoor heated facility

- Three walks, provided in the morning, afternoon, and evening

-Emergency services through Ospika Animal Hospital

- Flexible drop off and pick up times 


Cat Boarding

Vaccination Requirements

Cats must have:

- Distemper/Respiratory viruses (FCVR)

- Leukemia

- Rabies (Optional)


Day Boarding -$13.00

Over Night -$15.50 

Dog Boarding

Vaccination Requirements

Dogs must have:

-Distemper/Parvo combination


-Rabies (optional)


Day Boarding - $13.00

Over Night for Small Dogs (3lb-25lbs)- $17.00 

Over Night for Large Dogs (26lbs+) - $21.00

Small Animal & Bird Boarding


 - An appropriate size cage (with perches)

- Food (enough for their stay)

- Dishes

- Favorite toy(s)

-Blanket to cover cage (optional)

**please avoid bringing toys or objects that could create protective/aggressive behavior**

** All birds are locked in their cages at night.

NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for their safety.**


We recommend that your bird's wings be clipped for their safety. They can be done while they are here ($15 - $40 depending on the size of your bird)

**If you do not wish to have your birds wings clipped, then you understand that for the safety of your bird(s)/ staff / customers, they will be locked in their cage at all times.**


Small Birds - Overnight $8.00 

Medium Birds - Overnight $11.00

Large Birds - Overnight $14.00


 - An appropriate size cage 

- Food (enough for their stay)

- Dishes / water bottle

-Bedding (shavings or comfort bedding)

-Litter / litter box (if trained)

**We offer nail trims for guinea pigs and rabbits $8.00 + taxes**


Small Animals - Overnight $8.00

Closed on the following Holidays:

New Years Day - Jan 1

BC Family Day - 2nd Monday in Feb

Good Friday - Friday before Easter Mon

Victoria Day- Monday before May 25th

Canada Day - July 1st

BC Day - 1st Monday in August

Labour Day -1st Monday in September 

Thanksgiving - 2nd Monday in October

Remembrance Day - November 11

Christmas Day - December 25th

Boxing Day - December 26th

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